Strategy & Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with data-driven decisions

Analytics & Reporting

A transformational marketing strategy can do amazing things for your brand.

When it enables new product or service success; highly effective and efficient communications; and improved integration across functional areas, agencies, and distribution channels, you will see increasing sales, profitability, and brand loyalty.

Strategy & Analytics


Marketing Strategy
At jscTEK, we bring together frontline experience, insights, and advanced analytics to help you develop, plan, and implement a marketing strategy that will change your brand’s trajectory.

Forge new insights from digital reporting, data and analytics. Understanding your performance helps reduce decision-making cycle time and integrates rich analytics into existing workstreams.

Segmentation & Targeting
Utilizing research and insights, we show you where opportunity exists and craft a strategy that will capitalize on your clients' behaviors and interests.

Positioning & Brand Strategy
In a busy environment where most people have little time or inclination to deeply ponder product or service decisions, a brand that clearly communicates and consistently delivers on a positioning built around solving problems for target customers with its products and services will see much higher levels of emotional connection and market response.

Product & Pricing Strategy
New products and services are the lifeblood of a company, but identifying and optimizing meaningful innovations–products and services that are not only appealing, but also highly profitable–is extremely difficult. You need to get a product and pricing strategy in place that will minimize risk and maximize growth.