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Industry Healthcare
Website www.oncidiumfoundation.org
Services Web Design + Development


Oncidium foundation strives to connect patients, practitioners and experts in the nuclear medicine field by improving access to cancer treatments and clinical trials worldwide. The Oncidium foundation leads the way in this patient-focused science, by providing support to advance the availability of radiotherapeutics technologies and facilitate worldwide access to patients.The organization needed new messaging that speaks to the cancer patient community and a stronger digital presence to support new tools within the website.


jscTEK worked alongside the expert Oncidium team to develop new positioning for the brand that looks clean, clinical, and modern. We updated the brand colors, fonts, and imagery and developed new messaging focused on the patient. Next, we designed and developed an industry leading website that is scalable and easy to use to drive leads and educate the Cardiac PET community. The website is fully responsive on mobile and tablets with a dynamic molecules tool to educate and connect practitioners around the globe.


As a result, Oncidium has increased their digital presence. The organization team is also more aligned with clearer messaging and supporting tools that improve outreach to various audeinces.

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